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Volunteer Spotlight

Phyllis Metz has been a CWS Kits volunteer in Zelienople, Pennsylvania since the 1980s. From assembling kits to running a depot, she’s done it all. And, at 72 years old, shows no sign of stopping.

Her heart to serve bloomed as a child. “I grew up in a family that volunteered a lot,” Phyllis shares. “My dad was a volunteer fireman, my mother worked in the auxiliaries with the firemen and they worked in the church.”

Her desire to help others became a lifelong career. She was an emergency room nurse for 38 years and has seen a lot. She knows that a compassionate response to crises can make all the difference. So, when she connected with CWS through her neighbor, over 35 years ago, it was destiny.

But keeping the depot running like a well-oiled machine is no easy task. Over the years, Phyllis has worked with over 75 churches, and she’s learned a few tips along the way.

Communication—she says—is the key.

“I sent out a letter detailing everything; what you require, what the kits require, what the dates are, and everything. I put one of your brochures in for each one of the kits so that they don't have to look it up. It has really helped me with my organization.”

And when the pandemic hit, it didn’t slow Phyllis down. She used it as an opportunity to build an even closer relationship with kit volunteers.

“Every single church that I'd ever heard of or have ever gotten anything from. I either emailed them, [or] called them.” She shares. “Surprisingly, almost 100% of them either called me back or emailed me back, whether they could or they couldn't [assemble kits] during the pandemic.”

CWS Kits gives people like Phyllis an opportunity to respond with compassion to neighbors facing hard times no matter where they live.

Anyone who knows about Phyllis and the countless hours she commits to volunteering in her community will agree that her dedication to the CWS Kits program comes as no surprise.

“I can definitely see myself doing it for quite a while longer,” she says cheerfully. “It's a very important thing that we help everybody. We just can't confine it to our own area or our own country. We need to think about the whole world.”

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