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CWS Kits are small packages of supplies assembled by volunteers and shipped to families and communities in need around the world – especially in the aftermath of disasters such as Hurricane Florence and Hurricane Michael.

We’re rushing supplies to our neighbors in the wake of these crises around the world, and we need your help. You’ll find all the information you need here to gather with friends in your community to assemble kits or buckets.

Before assembling kits, check here to see if there is a depot near you. If NOT, you can pay to ship kits to our New Windsor or Ferncliff locations, OR simply donate the funds and CWS will assemble and ship the needed kits for you!

Hygiene Kits

Provide kits to make all the difference between sickness and health for struggling families.

Assemble Hygiene Kits

School Kits

Give children in impoverished communities and refugee camps the basic tools for learning.

Assemble School Kits


Emergency cleanup buckets equip people after a flood, tornado or other disaster.

Assemble Buckets

Ready to get started?

Click here for help and for answers to frequently asked questions!

See what others are saying about CWS Kits…

Thank you for your donation of cleaning supplies and school kits. After Hurricane Florence and its flooding in North and South Carolina, Unity in Disasters responded with these supplies to serve the communities affected. We could not have responded to this horrible disaster without your help. Thank you!Joe Gilliom, Founder-President of Unity in Disasters
The buckets arrived at the perfect time and we got them right out to flooded households. Our clients really, really appreciated them.Sara Echols, American Red Cross Greater Chicago Region