CWS Kit depot locations

As times continue to feel uncertain, your church’s participation in the CWS Kits ministry is a blessing to so many!

While neighbors around the world struggle to provide for their families, your kindness fills their hearts.

As communities face natural disasters more frequently, your compassion lifts them as they rebuild.

As the pandemic continues affecting every aspect of life, your faithfulness is a constant reminder of God’s love.

Last year, because of your faithful support to the CWS Kits ministry, providing hope and help to our neighbors in the U.S. and around the world was possible. A total of 191,182 kits and blankets were shared with people who needed a helping hand. Thank you!

As you prepare to assemble and drop-off kits, CWS continues to keep your safety and the safety of others at the forefront. Due to the ongoing pandemic, changes may occur to kit depots. CWS encourages you to search by zip code (on the map below) to find the location closest to you and contact the depot prior to dropping off your kits.

Together, let’s continue giving hope and help while sharing God’s love with our neighbors.