The Gift of Hope

CWSKit Stories

Top: SAMU first response organizes quilts, Middle and Bottom: children with their new quilts

When people seeking asylum are reduced to numbers and political pawns, we all lose. When we recognize that they are people who, just like you and me, want a safe life and a place to call home, we renew hope for humanity.

During the recent bussing of migrants and asylum seekers to Washington, D.C. by Texas Governor Abbot, CWS teamed up with our partners at SAMU First Response to protect the dignity of our new neighbors and be a source of hope.

SAMU First Response is an organization that responds to the immediate needs of newly arrived asylum seekers. Amy Hammond, from SAMU First Response, explained that her organization recognized a need to provide school supplies to children arriving at the border. She said, “we knew it would be incredibly impactful, but we didn’t have the resources to make it work. Suddenly, CWS was there offering us not only backpacks stuffed with school supplies, snacks and other essentials, but also comfort kits with toiletries and the most gorgeous handmade quilt to share with the children of the families we serve.”

From then on, CWS solidified our partnership with SAMU First Response and teamed up to support the asylum seekers who arrived in Washington D.C. Amy shared, “Through this partnership, we were able to create more than 100 kits for arriving migrants with snacks and toiletries to welcome them. These kits were passed out to those individuals who were only staying with us for a couple of hours and lacked the means to be able to clean themselves up and have something to eat before embarking on the next leg of their journey. These kits are empowering and allow us to restore a sense of dignity.”

Amy recounted that the response by the families was one of deep gratitude. She stated that the greatest blessing of the partnership was the opportunity to distribute quilts to the children and families. She said, “At a time in their lives when these gorgeous kids have experienced so much that they can likely barely understand, let alone process, comfort is so key. These blankets provided not only physical warmth but comfort in knowing that on the other side of these precious blankets were hands who cared enough to see them. I will never forget the first group of kids we gave them to. They immediately put them around their shoulders and “flew” around the room like tiny little superheroes. To me, it looked a lot like hope… and that is the true gift this partnership bestowed on each person that received a piece of what CWS shared with our organization.”

When the political environment became cold towards our newest neighbors, CWS, our denominational partners and SAMU First Response were there to provide warmth through blankets, kits and the reminder that there is good in this world. With our partners, we are committed to always being a source of light, hope, and kindness for all who join us in this country we call home.