Request CWS Kits

Church World Service provides Blankets, Hygiene Kits, School Kits and Emergency Cleanup Buckets to qualifying 501(c)(3) agencies as needs arise. Assistance will be granted according to the following criteria:
  • Proof of 501(c)(3) status for the agency itself or the agency assuming responsibility for materials. Have documentation ready at the time of submission.
  • The need for CWS Blankets and/or Kits is the result of an emergency situation within the local community or a continuing unmet need.
  • Ordinarily only a single response will be made to any one agency within a calendar year with the exception of needs associated with an emergency or disaster response.

If you need CWS Blankets or Kits, email to start the application process.

COVID-19 Update for agencies requesting CWS Kits & Blankets:

CWS values all of the collaborative relationships in our CWS Kits and Blankets Ministry. However, in these very uncertain and challenging times of working in the COVID-19 environment, our CWS warehouses and our CWS Kit Depots have ceased operations until further notice. We want to make sure every one of our volunteers, donors and staff members are safe and taking steps to protecting themselves and their families.

As a result, our CWS supplies will be very limited for the foreseeable future, and our shipping capacities will be considerably curtailed.

CWS is also very mindful of a difficult storm season ahead. We anticipate that many communities hit hardest by COVID-19 will have extreme vulnerabilities should a tornado or flood-producing storm hit during this already strained time. Because of this next stage of preparation and a limited quantity of kits and blankets, we will review and discern each and every request extremely carefully. However, there may be some requests that we may not able to fill at this time.

CWS is closely monitoring the situation to assess and determine when conditions are safe to resume all operations of our Kits & Blanket Ministry as quickly as possible. These are uncharted waters for all us, and we would ask at this time that you continue to check this webpage for any updates.

In the meantime, may you and your agencies – and the families and communities you reach out to! – all remain very safe, and may we find new ways to pass the peace together.