Living a Generous Life

CWSKit Stories

Joanna with her two sons, Henry and Malcolm (respectively)

Generosity is a way of life for Rev. Joanna Sameulson and she’s planting the seeds of generosity, justice and compassion early in her twin sons Henry and Malcom.

“It is one thing to talk about caring for others, or to teach or preach about it, but it’s quite another thing to participate.” she said.

Through their local church, Joanna, Henry and Malcolm are putting their faith into action, serving their community and sharing hope and compassion with neighbors in need through their CWS blankets ministry.

“We have plenty of blankets that we can use for comfort and for warmth,” said Joanna. “But to know that through our commitment to this ministry that these blankets are going to be a place to offer comfort and security to those who may not have a safe place to live or to sleep, is truly a privilege.”

Joanna is leaving a legacy of compassion and generosity that her sons will follow.

“As people of faith, we need to look out for others when we see people in need.” Malcolm said.  “[It] can go a long way in helping someone else’s life.”

Malcolm and Henry were two of 14 youth serving their community during their church’s youth mission week. They shared 230 kits and blankets with individuals and families in need.

“Getting involved is super important.” shared Henry. “That’s what God tells us to do, and that’s what we should do as Christians.”