Dental Care Day at Church World Service Harrisburg

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A few weeks ago, over 125 of our newly arrived neighbors visited Church World Service Harrisburg office to see a team of dentists assembled by one of our community partners, Power Women. After each client saw the dentist, they were provided with a hygiene kit. Our clients were deeply thankful for the opportunity to see a dentist and receive a hygiene kit.

“Since starting as the Health Navigator (HN) for CWS Harrisburg in July, I have had the privilege of working with each of our newly arrived neighbors. Working as the Health Navigator, I quickly learned that many of our clients arrive having not seen a dentist in years, and others have never seen a dentist in their lifetime,” said CWS Harrisburg’s Health Navigator, Kara Emrich.

“When Durre (CWS Harrisburg’s Associate Director of Resettlement & Engagement) burst through my door exclaiming someone wanted to help us put on a dental clinic, I could not have been more thrilled to start planning it. Over the next few weeks, staff and volunteers reached out to volunteer their Saturday morning to help pull off this massive operation.”

“CWS is so blessed to have generous congregations and donors that provide these blankets and kits. Each year, they share their love for our neighbors through this simple act of kindness. And we’re so grateful for their compassion towards others,” said Matthew Stevens, Director of Congregational Campaigns, CWS.

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