CWS Kits Vital Part of Fall 2017 Hurricane Response Efforts

CWSKit Stories

When hurricanes devastated the United States and many of our Caribbean neighbors in the fall of 2017, kits were a vital part of the CWS response.  127,256 CWS hygiene kits were shipped to Texas, Florida, Puerto Rico and Cuba to meet immediate needs in shelters and in affected communities. When families in Texas and Florida returned to their homes, 1,788 cleanup buckets helped them begin to move forward. Students in Florida, Texas and Puerto Rico received 3,750 school kits and quickly had the supplies they needed to not fall behind.

“Church World Service also provided many other items to people in need following the hurricanes, including tarps and bungee cords, stoves, and propane tanks.  When your entire world has been temporarily interrupted because of the storms, these simple items can be a great way start to the recovery process,” said Beth Frank, Program Officer for Humanitarian Aid and PME Programs.

When hurricanes hit, you mobilized. Thousands of volunteers across the United States sprang into action, and their generosity enabled CWS to respond efficiently and effectively.

“Church World Service was only able to respond quickly to these hurricanes because of generous congregations and groups who help to provide CWS Kits and Blankets and other resources.  People came together to make thousands of CWS Cleanup Buckets, CWS Hygiene Kits and CWS School Kits.  This outpouring of love was inspiring,” said Matthew Stevens, Director of Congregational Giving.

A Brownie Troop from Austin, Texas assembles CWS Cleanup Buckets to help respond to their neighbors across the state.

St. Peter’s United Church of Christ from Saukville, WI, held a brat fry and a bake sale to raise money to assemble 50 CWS Cleanup Buckets to be used to respond to the hurricanes and other emergencies.

The Brethren Disaster Ministries of Southern Ohio had 95 volunteers assemble 500 CWS Cleanup Buckets. The oldest volunteer was 91 years old and the youngest volunteer was 3 years old.  These buckets were loaded on 12 pallets before shipping to the New Windsor Warehouse.

Both the Festival of Sharing in Ohio and Missouri filled a 53’ semi-truck with CWS Kits and Cleanup Buckets, with both festivals collecting the most Cleanup Buckets in their history.

As the long process to restock our warehouse shelves continues, these volunteers continue to be on the front lines of helping CWS prepare to respond to future emergencies.

Thank you for your generosity and support of the CWS Kits Program.