Boy Scout assembles CWS School Kits with his grandmothers

CWSKit Stories

“Luke’s goal was to prepare 20 school kits, and this week he delivered 69 to CWS,” says Amy Edelmann. Her 14-year-old son, Luke, decided to assemble CWS School Kits as a way to earn one of his Boy Scout merit badges. Luke is part of Boy Scout Troop 777 in Maryland.

“He planned to sew two bags himself to help fulfill the 8-hour BSA Citizenship in the Community merit badge requirement,” Amy says of Luke. “He enlisted both of his very talented grandmothers to sew the other bags. He prepared email and print communication adding a personal note with the CWS kit requirements. He went door to door to our neighbors and emailed friends, family and church leaders. Our pastor extended the invitation to participate to the entire Fork United Methodist Church congregation.”

And participate, they did.

“Response from Bel Air, MD neighbors, family, and church members in the form of supplies and monetary donations was overwhelming,” Amy says. “Luke gave his contact information so was busy for a couple of weeks answering calls, texts and emails fielding questions and coordinating pick-ups. We shopped for supplies three different times as money kept coming in and his Grandma and Mom-mom kept churning out bags with fun prints for kids. I am so proud of his commitment. He got to see community in action and appreciate how that effort works. This week Luke packed up and delivered 69 kits to the Brethren Services Center in New Windsor, MD. Thanks to his effort and the response from his community, his goal was far surpassed and he was able to make a meaningful contribution to a fantastic program.”

Luke planned to work on the kits for three weeks. But support just kept coming, and the project extended to six weeks. He ultimately racked up 16 hours of community service.

“I like that it benefits children who don’t have supplies or whose families don’t have money to buy supplies for school,” Luke adds. “The community helps you and you help the community.”

We couldn’t have said it better ourselves, Luke. Thank you for your compassion, your generosity, and for being an outstanding citizen in our global community. We hope you wear that merit badge with pride!