When you donate to CWS Kits, you’re blessing someone with your loving kindness. Now you can also share your love, kindness and special prayers with people around the world. Add your prayer or blessing to our virtual blessing wall.

Psalm 18:3
“In the midst of disappointment, know that God is listening and hears your cries, is a comfort. He will always hear you, whether you are happy, sad, heartbroken, or disappointed.”

If you ever at your lowest point in life remember that god will always be with you no matter what you’re going through

Shared by Sinead on June 24, 2023

May the love of God be felt in this gift. May you know the love and justice of God May peace and safety follow you wherever you go.

Shared by Peggy on April 24, 2023

May these kits serve as a tangible reminder that you have not been forgotten and that you are loved.

Shared by Tiffany on February 3, 2023

May the God of love surround you with joy and peace through the gift of a CWS kit.

Shared by Rachel on February 2, 2023

A prayer for these CWS Kits that they may not just be the material items within, but also hope and healing for our neighbors in need.

Shared by Andrew on February 2, 2023

CWS is thankful for our dedicated kit donors that make our CWS ministry a blessing to others.

Shared by Matthew on January 17, 2023