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No, the kits you provide are packed with others of the same type and then prepared for shipment, when and where the need is the greatest. CWS provides assistance to people in need regardless of their race, ethnic origin or religion.
No. For a kit recipient to read the note, it would have to be translated into his or her own language, a time-consuming and costly process, which is outside the scope of the CWS Kit Program.
Please do not decorate your kits with religious or governmental symbols, or include components with these symbols. Kits are shared with people based only on need, regardless of religion, and should not be used as a way of proselytizing.
No. The items are limited to only those listed so that recipients have the same materials. In an effort to meet the needs of local agencies in very diverse settings and cultures, CWS works to keep the kits as useful as possible. In addition, to facilitate international shipping, distribution and review by customs officials, the boxes into which the kits are packed at the warehouse must weigh the same and contain the same number of kits and components. Please do not include personal notes, artwork, checks or cash.
Thank you for your support of the CWS Baby Care Kit program. After careful evaluation with CWS program partners and other agencies that had previously received the baby care kits, a decision was made to discontinue the use of baby care kits starting on January 1, 2016. Changes in program directions have helped to guide this change. We are thankful for your years of previous support of these programs. Your work has benefited many families around the world. We are now asking you to put your energy and resources into making CWS Hygiene Kits and CWS School Kits. Both of these kits are in high demand with partners all around the world. Thanks!